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Lavender scented pillow/Linen & room spray for relaxation by Pleasant Run Farms Candle & Soap co.

Our Sleepy time pillow spray is a convenient and easy way to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere in your bedroom. This pillow spray is specifically designed to help you relax and fall asleep, thanks to its calming scents. The spray is made with a blend of essential oils that are known for their ability to promote relaxation and calmness, including lavender, chamomile, and cedar wood. Simply mist the spray onto your pillow before bedtime, and let the soothing scents help you drift off into a peaceful slumber. The pillow spray is also safe to use on other fabrics, like bedding and clothing, so you can use it to freshen up your entire bedroom. Use it regularly as part of your bedtime routine to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Instructions: gently shake the bottle prior to each spray. With the spray about 8 – 10 inches above the pillow Mist your pillow or sheets once or twice.


The blended notes of Lavender + chamomile+ cedarwood+Patchoulli. Will help to relax the whole family.

Lavender – Known to aid with relaxation
chamomile – Known to aid in sleeping


Lavender can be a strong scent for some. For Pillow spray please start with a small amount of spray. Slowly build up the amount of spritz to your desired strength.

Weight 6.8 oz
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 7 in

16 Ounce Glass Bottle, 2 ounce bottle, 4 Ounce Bottle, 8 Ounce Glass Bottle

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